Friday, December 5, 2014

The Holidays are a 'Serious' Time for Real Estate.

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I have said it before and I'll say it again; the holidays are a serious time for real estate. Anybody that is buying or selling during this time of year is very serious about real estate.

Buyers that are out in the weather during a time they could be at office parties, visiting with family, shopping for the elusive perfect gift, etc. is very committed to finding a house in a timely fashion. Otherwise why wouldn't they just put it off until the New Year?

Likewise for sellers. They would probably rather not have people tromping through their home during the holidays, when guests are over, the decorations are up, etc. Yet there they are doing just that. Maybe they just really want to sell their house?

This is a great time to buy or sell. All of the classic "looky-loos" are on hiatus while the serious contenders are still in the game. I will likely close four transactions this month and that is as many as I closed in the summer months. Don't take the holidays off, you might just get everything you want in the month of December!

As always, seller's should be mindful of the basics of presented their home to prospective buyers. This might be the year to keep half of your holiday decorations in the attic. Too much clutter can be a negative. Keep baking all those yummy holiday goodies because buyers love the smell of fresh baked cookies. Keep the walkways clear of tripping or slipping  hazards. Keep snow off the driveway and walkway.

Buyers are well advised to keep shopping during the holidays. Sellers are usually easier to negotiate with when they are busy with other aspects of their lives. At the point they have chosen to keep their home open during this month, they are motivated, whether they say so or not.

December is a win-win month for buyers and sellers so neither should shy away from the golden opportunity that December brings to real estate.

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