Friday, May 15, 2015

Buyers Want it Move-In Ready

I have broached this subject before and I'll do it again. The market is robust but buyers seem to be gravitating towards the well maintained, fresh and ready homes. I have a listing that is 40 years old and pretty clean but needs some minor maintenance. The buyer is playing hard-ball on the inspection. This is not something one would expect in a so called "seller's market". But our seller's market has the caveat that the seller have a nice move-in ready home.

Seller's with the fixer or needs TLC home would be well advised to clean up the property prior to listing in this market. Sometimes sellers may not have the resources to do that so they need to be prepared to take a hit on price. This market is good but it has its limits.

Locally the new home construction market seems to be booming. This tends to support the idea that the current buyers in the marketplace are supporting the move-in ready house. Brand new of course is about as move-in ready as it gets.

It also seems that inspection reports are being heavily scrutinized by buyers. This is a good thing for buyers but can be challenging for sellers that are not in a strong financial position. It is always a good idea to give any listing as much 'curb appeal' as possible. When prospective buyers drive up the house should shine and the first room in the home, the entry and the kitchen should sparkle.

This is a solid and healthy market and both buyers and sellers can benefit from the current conditions.

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