Friday, August 12, 2016

Enjoy This Blast from the Past!

Rates continue to remain super low. We have been talking about a low rate bubble for quite some time and it looks like things will stay the same until at least early next year when a new presidential administration will take over.

Originally posted October 16th, 2015, by Rod Sager

Holy Rate Basement Batman! Banks are Practically Giving Money Away!

Have you looked at the mortgage rates lately? Most lenders are offering qualified borrowers a 30 year fixed rate loan at around 3.5% These may not be the lowest rates ever but if not, they are very close to the lowest ever. I have discussed the notion that interest rate is far more important than purchase price especially if one intends to stay in the property for a long term period of seven or more years. Imagine borrowing $240,000 from the bank at 4.5% over 30 years fixed. By all measures this is a good loan at a great rate. The principle and interest payment (PI) would be $1,216 per month. But right now you may very well find lenders offering 3.5% 30 year fixed loans. Now the $240,000 mortgage payment looks more like $1,078. That is a whopping $138 per month less! That is a savings of $16,560 over ten years and nearly 50 grand over the life of the loan! In the heavily paraphrased words of the immortal Doctor McCoy, my God man, why aren't you buying a house!

Seriously my friends, these are truly fabulous times. Sellers will get the strongest offers when rates are low because more buyers will qualify at the higher price. Buyers will get the most bang for their buck at 3.5%. Buyers can also qualify for a lot more money. The same buyer that qualifies to borrow $240,000 at 4.5% will qualify to borrow $270,500 at 3.5%. These super low rates will allow buyers to essentially get 12.5% more money for the same monthly payment. 4.5% is a great rate, 3.5% is a OMG rate! Be sure to check with your favorite mortgage professional as there are a few variables that banks look at such property taxes, mortgage insurance, etc. But in general these are pretty accurate figures.

Yes prices have crept up and many entry level buyers have found themselves in a pickle. But there is a window of opportunity to effectively take 12.5% off the price of a house. Seller wins, buyer wins, everybody wins, except the bank. That my friends is a good scenario. Happy hunting!

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