Friday, September 23, 2016

Seller's Need to Relax

This recent upswing to a seller's market has left many seller's with a serious attitude problem and the market is starting to make an unfavorable adjustment. Seller's are finding that buyer's are leaving the market and this has reduced pressure on inventory. It is still very much a seller's advantage, but the craziness of last spring has softened into a more healthy condition.

The problem is that seller's continue to exert pressure on buyer's as if they had ten offers in line when in fact they have just one. Buyer's are leaving the market in frustration. This market has shifted back into a more traditional situation that still favors the seller in the lower portion of the price range up to about 10% above median. But sellers need to actually "sell" their house and being rude, making it difficult to show the home, demanding unreasonable closing periods, etc. are going to lead to disappointment for them. They are leaving cash on the table by pushing away potential buyers with a bad attitude.

Regarding timelines, there are many things delaying closing times right now, the most prevalent is the ridiculous appraisal situation. Appraisers are quoting 4-6 weeks for an appraisal and then extorting cash to get it faster. Right now we have a racket being run by appraisal companies that are basically selling appraisals to the highest bidder. There is no accountability at all and as usual the federal government has screwed the system up. I have heard of appraisals being bid up over $2000. This is a practice so egregious that it would make the Godfather blush.

Locally the cost of appraisals has more than doubled int he last 12 months. It is time for "El Federale" to crack down on these appraisers or better yet mandate that the banks pay all appraisal fees. After all it is the banks that demand appraisals, right? Believe me, if the banks were paying they would kick the appraisers teeth in before succumbing to this latest round of extortion.

Once again the government under the guise of protecting consumer rights has gone off and created a situation where pure unadulterated greed reigns supreme and the ultimate victim of this unregulated catastrophe is of course, the consumer. Classic. I find it interesting that appraisers were offended that they were targeted after the collapse of the market in late 2008. There were some appraisers on the take back then, puffing up prices for dirty loan officers to get cash out refinances pushed through. I have no doubt that these dirty scoundrel appraisers were a minority representation of the industry. But they certainly have not helped buff out the tarnished reputation with this current trend of plundering the public like an 18th century pirate. Ahoy matey, raise the black flag, there be treasure to plunder in thar appraisals...

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