Friday, November 4, 2016

Vancouver's Aggressive Apartment Construction, What does it Mean?

Vancouver is undergoing a major construction boom on apartments with some 800 units under construction and another 3700 in the pipeline. What does this mean for local real estate? The rental market in the greater Vancouver area has been under severe pressure as neighboring Portland has also had a huge crisis in the apartment market. That city is also pushing a fat pipeline of some 7000 units under construction and 15,000 proposed. The Portland crisis has spilled into neighboring cities like Beaverton, Gresham, and Vancouver driving demand higher here as well.

Rents were out of control for several years recently and that helped push the entry level real estate market to the brink of un-affordability. Now with some of the pressure off the rental market the housing resale market will likely settle in a bit. Frankly this is probably a good thing. As it is now, appraisers are a month out and lending may tighten a bit after the election.

Sellers in the entry level market under median ought to sell now and capitalize on a mini-peak in the sub-median market and get that mid market home while these super low rates are still in play. Renters still can buy a small house for not much more per month than the price of a two bedroom apartment. This is still a good time to buy with these low FHA and VA rates in the low to mid threes.

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