Friday, October 13, 2017

Market is settling in

I like a more calm and sensible market. When the market is at one extreme or the other, the greedy side of humanity can sometimes rear its ugly head. 6 years ago when the market was down and sellers were desperate, buyers could kick the sellers in teeth with the swagger of an old west outlaw. Then as the market turned into gold the sellers got revenge as the 20016-17 market was difficult for buyers. Sellers tactics were often skirting the fine line of ethics.

Now we see a market that has settled in a bit. Values are still on the rise, but inventory has also risen bit. The median priced home throughout the Portland-Vancouver metro is now barely affordable by the median income earner. This has led to a more sensible market.

We are not in a declining situation but rather the rate of growth is just a little slower. We will probably experience a modest and more "normal" rate of appreciation this next year, perhaps in the 4-6% range. This represents a very healthy and sustainable market. These jack-rabbit hops in prices due tend to create bubbles when they last too long. I am relieved to see than the run up in values has subsided and we are calming the pace to sustainable levels.

Zillow Graph for Vancouver, WA
Buyers should beware however that strong economic conditions in the future could lead to another 'hop' in a year or two. I am not a modern Nostradamus however so who knows what the near future holds. What we do know is that things have indeed settled in and that is actually good for everyone in real estate.

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