Friday, February 8, 2019

Winter Inventory a bit thin.

I have several buying clients across a variety of house types and price ranges and things are a bit tight out there. There hasn't been a whole lot of inventory this winter which is a bit normal, but buyers are out there looking and I'm waiting for an early spring listing session.

We have some winter weather however and that may just leave us a bit thin for the next few weeks. Buyer should be ready for some slim picking in the sub $400k range. Above $400 things are bit better but even for that middle range the number of available listings is below what I'd expect, even for mid winter.

Sellers, if you are willing to list in the snow, now could be a great time to get out in front of the spring market by exposing your home to the frustrated but ready to buy crowd currently looking for homes. Spring is right around the corner and early birds may in fact get the worm!

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