Friday, May 3, 2019

Great Market, a Few Holes Though

This market is starting to get sizzly again, but like the title above suggests, there are some holes. Most segments are seeing a little bit of a seller's advantage, but aside from the entry level sub $325k market, conditions are mostly neutral. 

There is this one anomaly however. Two story houses with 3-5 beds and 2200-2600 square feet, priced in the 400-500k range are in rather plentiful supply. Buyers actually can kick a few tires and even smack the price around a bit on a mid-priced multi-level house.

Builders are 'all in' on this price range and they are producing them in large quantities. This is dragging down the resale market in the size and price range. While the entry level, mid price single levels, and even some of the upper end ranges are smoking hot, this mid priced two story segment is favoring buyers right now.

The market is screaming for single level houses right now. But single level houses, particularly in the larger size ranges like 2000 plus SF require a larger lot to support the bigger 'footprint'. Builders are trying to stay in a price point that is affordable for enough people to support the development projects they are building. Land has become the most expensive element in our market and so a two story design allows builders to build more houses on the same amount of ground. So we are seeing this play out in the market as hundreds of new houses are coming available and many are priced in the $400-$500k range.

So if you are looking for a "value" in this market larger two story homes in that 400-500k range could be your ticket.

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