Friday, January 31, 2020

Is the market tightening up again?

Maybe this is nothing more than an anecdote, but our real estate market last year really felt like it was moving towards neutral conditions. But the market has come out a bit hot in the first month of this year with more buyers and not much extra inventory for them.

Now if you have the coin to toss around for something in the $600,000 plus range, you should have no trouble finding an eager seller. But down in the 'trenches' of the mainstream, things seem a bit tight and sellers are starting to take control again.

Perhaps the fact that interest rates are again dipping down into the 3's for well qualified borrowers, the buyers are swarming again! What ever the case, it will be interesting to see if the spring listing season levels the playing field or is met with an equal dose of hungry buyers.

Marketing trends seem to indicate that inventory levels are steady at a quick clip of around 2 months to a pending sale. Well priced homes will see bidding and overpriced houses may sit, but this market decided that 2020 was gonna be a 'thing.'

Buyers ought check in with their loan officer and make sure they can capitalize on these reduced rates and sellers should get ready for more showings because things are looking good for Q1.

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