Friday, May 15, 2020

Well Priced Properties Go FAST!

For nearly a year now, the real estate market has been in a state of near neutral conditions, favoring  the buyers or sellers with a sliding scale from entry level slightly favoring sellers to upper end slightly favoring buyers. That has not changed even with the COVID-19 pandemic. A well priced property will sell and if that property is priced below the local median it will sell quickly. Local median prices fluctuate in Clark County between $350k and $450k depending on the area.

There is an opportunity for sellers and buyers in that the overall market is slower than normal, there are fewer homes being listed and fewer buyers bidding. So pricing is steady but the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed. It's a good time to be a buyer or seller because your agent should have a little extra time since volume is down.

There is always opportunity in real estate when you keep your eyes peeled for it. One part of the market that seems to be softening up is the fixers. Most buyers right now are looking for something turn key, move in ready. So looking for something that needs a little TLC could produce an opportunity to get a bargain. Don't expect a crazy bargain though, this market is too large to let a good deal go unnoticed.

Stay safe and let's hope the Governor's phase 2 plan gives us a little more room to stretch out.

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