Friday, December 18, 2020

How Does Vancouver Compare to the 20 Biggest American Cities on Home Prices?

Keeping with the recent theme, I compiled a list of median home prices in America's largest cities. I figured I would start with a market update locally. Sales continue to be brisk and well priced properties are quickly snatched up often with multiple offers. I say "well priced" because home owners that price above the typical values for like properties and the neighborhood will see lagging performance in the market. That said everything else is 'flying off the shelves'

The median home price in Vancouver USA runs just shy of $390k so take a look at the list of our nations largest cities and see how we compared on home prices. If someone is living in one of these large cities and are moving here we might be a "bargain" or we might be "super expensive." Eleven of the twenty cities are less expensive than Vancouver.

Just like the capital city list, these are just the city proper not the metro area and I used Zillow's median mid priced values. On a local note, Portland is the 26th largest city in America so it fails to make this list. The list is ordered by largest population to smallest.

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