Friday, March 26, 2021

Sellers Nervous?

Sellers are a bit nervous. Not about the market but about their ability to acquire a new house once they sell their current house. This is more than just a local phenomenon. There is a serious shortage of resale housing nationwide. Seller however are likely overplaying this fear a bit.

Locally and in many markets across the country, sellers are FIRMLY in control of the market. Sellers can ask for a longer closing period of say 45-60 days (rather than a more traditional 30-45) and then ask for a 60 day rent back to get nearly four months to find and purchase their replacement home.

Sellers can also consider new construction which typically has a build out time and that give them time to prep and sell the current house before closing on the new house. Tactics like this can make a seller feel much more comfortable about the tension they may feel pondering the move and the process of finding and successfully entering contract on the next home.

Meanwhile for beleaguered buyers frustrated with multiple offers and a seemingly impossible uphill battle to buy there is hope. Buyers can offer sellers more time or other concessions to help seller make the transition. Buyers moving from a rental unit can simply stay month to month a little longer to accommodate a seller that needs extra time to finish the purchase of their next home.

These tight inventory markets can be stressful. Strategies for success can alleviate much of the pain of buying and selling in a hyper tight market.

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