Friday, April 30, 2021

Spring Listing Bump is Coming... How Big is the Bump?

I am seeing the traditional listing bump that often comes around every spring. Not just my business or our office, but across the board. Our market is a bit desperate for new listings, so buyers might be able to catch a breath. Springtime tends to bring out buyers however as well, so the question is what the title suggests... How big is the bump?

The COVID 19 pandemic has definitely shaped the current market. I had a record year in 2020 for volume, so I can't say I saw a slowdown in local real estate. The Regional Multiple Listing Service has reported that sales have been robust. But COVID 19 has altered some of the patterns in real estate as well as created in my opinion, a smaller number of fresh new listings. It. may be that some people simply don't want to invite people into their homes during the pandemic out of perhaps safety concerns regarding the virus. This seems reasonable, but at this point possibly more emotional than logical. 

With the vaccines now widely available and many governments pulling back on the lockdowns, some of that concern may be starting to wane. I believe that demand will continue to outstrip supply for the next several months, but this market has given us inventory levels measured not in months, nor even weeks, but DAYS! I have been in real estate for more than twenty years, I can't remember ever having an inventory tighter than two weeks, but that just happened!

I think some of that inventory pressure will lighten but we should remain firmly planted in a seller's market through the summer months. Sellers that make their home available will do better than sellers that limit exposure. This is a general rule even in a seller's market.

I have two new listings this month and I do not expect either to last long at all. This is a great time to sell your home, seller's are firmly at an advantage.

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