Friday, November 25, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Well I do hope you all had a warm and pleasant Thanksgiving Day yesterday and I hope you score some killer deals Today on Black Friday! So this is a real estate site, any Black Friday deals on real estate? Not exactly.

Despite the perception, the Holidays can be a good time to buy and sell. I mention this every year and I'll do it again this year. There is a significant number of people that put off real estate decisions until after the Holidays. Sellers will suspend their listings or postpone until January and buyers will also wait until after and so in general December is a slow month for real estate.

However I've noticed that seller activity slows down quite a bit more than buyer activity in general. Sellers that suspend or postpone listing until after the Holidays are not in a hurry to sell. Sellers that remain tend to be ready to go or perhaps need to move quickly for a job change or something similar. Buyers can capitalize on the urgency of sellers that market during the hectic season and sellers can capitalize on serious buyers that are not just 'kicking tires' but are ready to purchase.

We all have plenty of things to do during December so we tend not to be looky-looing around in this month. The bottom line is that both buyers and sellers that continue their real estate activity during the Holidays tend to be very serious about getting into contract and that bodes well for all involved. For both buyers and sellers there is less competition and that can be a very good thing.

Have a great weekend, see you next week.

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