Friday, December 9, 2022

Are Holidays Good For Real Estate?

I mention this every year, yes holidays are good for real estate. Both buyers and sellers during the holidays tend to be very serious about buying and selling. This is not a time that people "want" to be involved in a real estate transaction nor enduring the time and energy required to either buy or sell a property. Most people would rather be spending time with the family and engaging in traditional holiday activities. 

This tends to lead to slower activity in real estate. But as I mention every year, December can be a busy month and people engaging in real estate this month are generally very serious and in some cases "need" to move. Both parties tend to be motivated to make the deal work and this can be good for all parties. Sellers need to make sure they keep their property clear of snow, mud, leaves, and other late autumn, early winter issues. Clean out the rain gutters and keep the house as presentable as possible during the darkest and wettest months of the year. Seller also should make sure all the light bulbs work inside the house and keep all the lights on during showings. Light and bright sells homes.

Buyers need to remember that this time of year may lead to some days or times that the seller cannot or will not show the property, flexibility could be the key to finding the right house. The slower conditions during the holidays also means that things like appraisals, and inspections may be easier to book in a timely fashion. 

Both buyers and sellers however should also be mindful that their are more scheduled holidays, days, off and such in the supporting industries like, title and escrow, lending, and such that can cause some minor delays. 

The holidays can be a great time to buy or sell, yes it is inconvenient to deal with all the fuss during this family oriented time, but it can lead to opportunities that may not present themselves in other seasons.

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