Friday, August 4, 2023

New mid-rise condos proposed for the East side.

Graphic from Cascadia Development Partners.
A recent article in the Columbian outlined plans by developers to build hundreds of new housing units at the Columbia Palisades area at 192nd and Brady Road. Although the entire area is in the City of Vancouver, it is immediately adjacent to Camas and feature Camas' zip code. The new residential buildings will rise up 5-7 stories each and two of them will be condominium towers available for purchase. 

The plan is to have an urban campus type layout with a little bit of a waterfront style vibe. The density will not be as high as the waterfront, but the general vibe will be urban. Getting in and out of the area should be easier and more convenient as the 192nd corridor at SR 14 has plenty of capacity.

There is no word on pricing as this is in the early development stages. I would imagine these will be mid to upper priced condos. Columbia Palisades and its neighboring HQ development on the west side of 192nd will feature a city center style layout offing a little city style in the suburbs. Vancouver is also pursuing this theme with the Heights District that is also going to provide an urban oasis in the suburbs there as well.

We are still several years out from having a vibrant and busy area here, but things are moving and structures are rising up. Its exciting to watch the former rock quarry be put to good use.

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