Friday, February 9, 2024

Fed is hinting at Rate Reductions

Surprise, Surprise, it's an election year and all those politicians want to get reelected! Seems the Fed may be under some pressure to let up a bit on the money squeeze. For real estate some easing would be nice. I'd like to see rates come down a point or so. I wouldn't expect to see the all time lows again anytime soon, but just a nice gentle 6% would add tens of thousands of buyers to the pool and help real estate start moving again. 

Inventory levels continue to creep up and we are still at a very healthy 3.2 months supply. But we don't have enough buyers to keep things moving. We have a lot of potential sellers sitting on loans at 4-5% and if rates get back down to 6% many of those sellers may consider selling. I have been on about how so many sellers are literally parked in their ultra low mortgages in the 2-3% range. They aren't likely to be swayed at 6% but the thousands sitting in those 4-5% loans just might.

I'm looking forward to a nice near neutral market this spring.

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