Friday, March 15, 2024

Is Real Estate Headed South?

Many people are concerned that real estate values may take a dive as some analysts are bearish on real estate. The way I see it, the analysts pulling the alarm on real estate are the usual suspects. The same people that are always trying to promote other investment vehicles, like precious metals, looking at you Robert Kiyosaki.

Most industry insiders feel that the market will experience a soft landing correction and so far that is exactly what it is doing. Inventory is gradually creeping up and buyers are seeing some relief on pricing. Although prices are not falling locally the asking prices are lower and that may lead to lower median prices as the year wear on.

Presidential election years traditionally have some economic turbulence as investors react to polls and predictions about what the future administrations and congress will do. Typically once the election is over and the results are in things settle down. If we follow this pattern real estate will likely continue its soft and gentle landing with eventually median prices dropping by 5%-10% over a year or so. 

Of course it is important to note that massive corrections can and occasionally do happen. We had just such a scenario back in 2009. That correction came on the heels of many different issues with the stock market, lending markets, and housing. A great deal of legislation was enacted to keep that trifecta disaster from happening again. There has not been a significant relaxation of those laws, so I think we are unlikely to see that level of collapse in the near future.

Buying a home is still a very solid way to build wealth and equity over time.

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