Friday, May 17, 2024

Clark County Median Home Price Eclipses Multnomah

Recent trends have the median home price in Clark County about 7-10% higher than Multnomah County. Portland proper still edges out Vancouver proper with slightly higher home values. Washington County continues to lead the region as the most expensive among the four urban counties making up the metro area.

If Portland doesn't stop the bleeding Vancouver will pass it up as we are attracting growth and Portland has been shedding people faster than new arrivals for the last several years. Vancouver really needs to keep a sharp eye on the social woes of Portland that seem to be finding their way over here. A large piece of the attraction Vancouver has is most of the city negatives happening in Portland have been mostly absent in Vancouver. Some of that is starting change a bit. City leaders are often too concerned about their public image or what some extremist group thinks to make the best choices for the city. This has happened in Portland over the last ten years and we can all see how that worked out for them in RipCity.

We may need to make some ballot box changes this November.

Meanwhile Clark County is still the hot spot in the metro area for real estate and that is at least a good thing.

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