Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Local Builders Coming out Strong for this Summer

Osprey Homes Subdivisions
Osprey Homes has several new subdivisions in the Greater Vancouver Area.  It is great to see builders back in the market.  Osprey is offering a variety of homes from the mid $100's up to $300k plus.  One of the designs they are using frequently is an attached but uncommon wall.  These units share no interior wall space with the attached unit but rather are attached at the garage and storage area.  Spacious units with 1500 or more square feet are selling brand new at around $170k.
Osprey Uncommon Wall Attached

I saw a nice 2500 foot home with granite in the kitchen and nicely trimmed out for $309k.  Our market is becoming hot again and builders will surge back in to fill the inventory holes.  This is looking like a strong summer for real estate.  Contact your Realtor today and take a look at what our local builders have to offer.

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