Friday, June 12, 2015

Metro Area Market Trends

I pulled some data from the National Association of Realtors® for the Portland-Vancouver Metro Area and the results are interesting but not surprising.

Many agents and media outlets have suggested the market is a raging bull and although in context it may be true. But the perception has been that it is a seller's market in the vein of 2005-2006 and that is simply not the case. Back before the crash in 2008-2009 it was a ridiculous seller's market. Homes were fetching whatever the seller wanted and condition was almost a moot point. Double digit appreciation was practically expected rather than being a gross anomaly like it really should be.

This current market is much different and frankly much healthier. yes we are in a seller's market. But sellers still have to present a quality product at a fair price. Over priced listings are NOT selling and that is a very definitive difference between 2005 and 2015.

Buyers are also showing reservations about homes that are in questionable neighborhoods or that need TLC as they say. The market is raging but only if you have a solid move in ready house in a conforming neighborhood. Other homes are are taking longer to sell. 

The media can sometimes make a mountain out of the proverbial mole hill and sometimes they underestimate things. It seems the story is not always what it seems.

We are in a healthy real estate market here in the Portland-Vancouver market. Values are rising in the 3-5% annual range and that is just dandy. If sellers want to have a vigorous multi-offer situation they need to be in a solid hot neighborhood AND they need to have that house looking real sharp. Sellers that are unwilling to comply with the conditions presented by the cold-hearted market will only find disappointment.

Buyers on the other hand, need to realize that the house they want, the clean and sharp beauty in the perfect neighborhood will not be on the market long. It will also sell for more than the asking price. Buyers making low offers on hot houses will also be met with frustration. 

The National Association of Realtors® has some projections for pricing over the next twelve months and the outlook is HEALTHY.

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