Friday, June 26, 2015

Seller's: Water the Lawn!

Here in Southwest Washington we have had one of the best Junes ever as far as weather goes. Nothing but big blue skies and sunshine. Certainly not the norm for June. So, we have an early summer and that means we have to actually water our lawns. In a typical year we can usually go 9-1/2 months without worrying about the lawn. In the summer however that grass with brown out faster than Usain Bolt runs the 100 meters.

Curb appeal adds value to a home. This is not a novel idea. Yes the water company charges in body appendages in the summer, but keeping that yard nice and lush could be the difference between nabbing that over full price offer.

Many sellers are caught up in the notion that this market is so good it doesn't matter. Lies, filthy rotten lies. This market is awesome IF you have a well priced, cherry house. Buyers are not just buying any train wreck at any price. In fact, buyers are particular. When someone has a clean, move in ready property priced right, the buyers come out of the proverbial woodwork with big juicy offers. Ugly, poor condition homes with clutter and mess will linger in the marketplace unless they are priced like it's 2013.

Now there are exceptions, of course. There are a handful of neighborhoods that are so overwhelmingly desirable that the buyers are chomping at the bit for an opportunity to buy. These neighborhoods are few and far between. A few in Fisher's Landing, a few more in Salmon Creek, Prune Hill in Camas, Steamboat Landing, etc.

A healthy real estate market like we have right now, requires sellers to follow the time tested truths of curb appeal and the minimalist approach inside. Even if the property is located in one of the "HOT" neighborhoods, following these classic preparation techniques will still yield extra dollars on the offer(s).

Come on, just water the lawn already!

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