Friday, July 3, 2015

Seller's Keep Your Home Cool!

It's hot outside. All across the fruited plain, this is the warmest time of year. As we begin to celebrate our great nation's independence seller's should remember that an uncomfortable buyer will stick around in the showing to soak up the nuanced greatness of your home. To put it another way, buyers are not interested in purchasing a home that feels like a sauna or steam room. For crying out loud if you have A/C use it! Buyers will linger in the glorious bounty of a cool home when the mercury outside is popping those 90s. Sellers need not cool the house to ridiculous expense. Even a setting of 78 degrees will provide a comfortable recompense in 90 plus heat.

No A/C? No problem, sellers need to follow those classic cooling tips. keep windows open till the temp starts to get warm. Then close up the house and run the furnace fan (if you have forced air) or ceiling fans, etc. In the evening when the temperature settles down, re-open the windows to bring the cooler evening air in. Furthermore, if blinds horizontal are employed in the home, angled them down towards the ground at about a 45 degree angle. (further south in California they can be at 20 degrees) This blind trick allows indirect light to enter the home but keeps direct sunlight from hyper-heating the house. On all but the hottest days this should suffice to keep the home bearable.

I know some sellers and agents are thinking it's a seller's market so why do all this effort. Buyers are still picky and they won't buy a home that makes them feel uncomfortable. Nor will they stay in the house long enough to determine if it is a good home for them. In a seller's market the same rules apply, the more presentable and attractive the listing, the more money it will yield at closing.

Happy Birthday, America! You're a spry 239 years old tomorrow.

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