Friday, February 12, 2016

New Construction Booming, But Subs are Hard to Find

The local real estate market has been very hot and builders have come back to Southwest Washington en masse. Lots have been bought up and homes are being built. Buyers are flocking to the new developments. But building a house is no longer a 60-90 day affair. Builders are struggling to get them done in less than 6 months and some orders are pushed out seven to eight months.

The biggest factor driving these delays is the severe shortage of sub-contractors. After the epic residential building crash in 2009, many subs could not find work and found themselves in a new trade. It has been a slow process getting these professional framers, roofers, drywall and masonry contractors to construction sites to get homes completed.

Buyers thinking about purchasing a new home should be prepared to wait a full half year or
more for construction time. Buyers that do not want to endure this kind of build time, should consider a newer resale or seek a builder's spec home.

These are good problems to have actually, strong demand for housing helps keep resales moving in a positive direction and keeps tradesmen employed, all good :)

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