Friday, February 5, 2016

Super Bowl Weekend can be Super for House Hunters

America is celebrating its largest 'unofficial' holiday this weekend as Super Bowl 50 is upon us; yes the NFL is ditching the Roman numerals for this year's event. I guess Super Bowl L just doesn't look as cool as Super Bowl IXL (49) or LI (51). The big game is a large enough event that it will actually pull buyers out of the market for the weekend. This can be an opportunity for buyers to view homes and maybe get an offer in with less chance of multiple bidders. Now understand, viewing an occupied home on Sunday will be a challenge but vacant homes on Sunday or owner occupied units on Saturday should be easy.

Getting a "deal" on a house is nigh impossible when half the state is pounding on the same door with offer in hand and an escalation clause. This weekend could be the moment for savvy buyers to make their move.

Sellers should try and tie their listing to the game somehow. Hold an open house on Sunday morning early afternoon before kickoff or on Saturday with a Super Bowl special.

This is after all America, right? It's all about the angle. So whether you are rooting for the Broncos of Denver, Colorado or the Panthers from Charlotte, North Carolina real estate goes on. Enjoy the game and be sure to stay in the other game, the one involving your next house ;)

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