Friday, March 3, 2017

Open House Season is Upon Us

Well my friends it is March! But I trust you already figured that out. March here in the Pacific Northwest is a very fickle month. It can be an extension of winter or an entrance for spring. Sometimes it's both. In real estate it tends to be the month that things begin to pick up in advance of the traditional summer home buying season.

For sellers it is time to start prepping for that spring curb appeal. My lawnmower has spent the last 4 months hibernating in the garage; but at some point this month, it will likely make its first appearance of the year. Springtime tends to get people in a good mood. Buyers that have been frustrated with the tight inventory and multiple offers on overprice listings may start to soften up and start looking again.

Who doesn't like taking a spring drive to look at houses on that first sunny and warm weekend? I love that first true Spring day. We had a tickle last month when 60° popped up in the thermometer. But March can and may bring us an extended stretch of nice weather. That will bring the buyers out of the dark-gloomy-funk they tend to fall into in Winter.

Sellers still need to exercise basic principles in real estate marketing even in this "seller's" market. The better that house shows, the more likely it will fetch the highest possible price. The buyers will come out of the cave, and sellers need to be ready. Get that mower ready for the first warm weekend and spruce up that bleak winter yard. Spring is coming and real estate waits for no one. Get ready we will sell some houses this year!

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