Friday, May 19, 2017

Swimming Pools in the Northwest?

The Pacific Northwest is known for its amazing scenery, spectacular greenery and long sunny summers... er, that last one is a stretch. So we may have the best summers on the planet, but they are also quite possibly the shortest summers on the planet. Outdoor swimming pools have a fairly brief season here in the great Northwest.

So why is it that I list a excellent home with a fantastic little built-in pool and the offers are coming in from all directions? Well my friends, a small neighborhood home with an in-ground pool is very rare in these parts. Well rare stuff usually fetches lots of money right? Well maybe... pools are rare around here due to the brevity of the season and the relatively high cost of installation and maintenance. Very high end homes in our area often have pools but they are also quite likely enclosed for year round use.

A traditional in-ground outdoor pool here in Clark County, Washington can attract a fair number of buyers, but the problem will come when the appraiser arrives. Appraisers are all over the board on swimming pools in our area and so seller's should avoid adding a bunch of anticipatory value in it. Even if the offers come in the appraisal may not.

For sellers the best time to list your home with an in-ground pool is June, the buyers have little trouble imagining the next few months of pool parties and fun in the sun. The best time to buy a house with a pool is November, no-one is too excited about the ice rink you have out back ;) It is kind of like buying a boat, buy in November sell in June!

I love me a nice pool. There is something just resort like about hanging out in the yard BBQ fired up and lounging by the pool. Even if it is chilly outside, the pool still adds that aura of being on vacation. So all you Californians, pay big bucks for the house with the pool, we get great deals.


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