Friday, August 4, 2017

It's Hot Outside, Sellers Beware!

This toasty warm weather is great for the beach but it can cause problems for sellers with homes that do not feature A/C. Sellers should take great steps to keep their home cool whether they have air conditioning or not. If a home is equipped with A/C by all means be liberal with the cooling when trying to sell the home. Follow all the HVAC guidelines for maximizing efficiency so as to keep the environment clean and your wallet flush.

Those with out A/C... I'm so sorry ;) but there is hope! Keep all south and west facing windows shaded either with your curtains but better yet with blinds. I like horizontal blinds as they can adjust whether light is reflected back out of let in. In the winter I turn the blinds with the sunlight spilling all over, in the summer the blinds are turned at about a 45-55° angle down. This allows a great deal of light to filter in but reflects direct sunlight back away from the interior of the house. This tactic alone will keep your home much cooler and save big bux on your electric bill if you have A/C.

Open windows at night after the temp falls back into the 70s and leave the windows open as late as you can or until the temp climbs above 75° or so. This keeps all that fresh cool night air inside and your A/C unit may not have to come on until late in the day.

Sellers, if you home is unbearably hot the buyers may be turned off and a possible offer may have been lost. Buyers are more sensitive to how cool a house stays int he summer during heat waves and that means sellers have to do their best to keep that home as comfortable as possible.

If you do have air conditioning or a good heat pump system, you don't have try and ice the place over. On the contrary, if it is 95° outside and they walk into a cool 75° it will feel deliciously chill. This will save money and keep your system from overworking itself to death.

It's sizzlin' out there, keep the house cool and get a hotter offer.

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