Friday, November 17, 2017

Wow, Holidays... again.

Well the Holidays are upon us and it's time to talk about selling and buying a house in the Holiday season. I have said it again and again, buyers are serious when they are looking at houses between Thanksgiving and the New Year. This is not an ideal time to be outside driving around in strange neighborhoods looking for houses. Yet every year there they are doing just that. Buyers that NEED to buy a house. Many sellers do postpone listing and this can be wise but it can also be a mistake.

Should a home received an acceptable offer during the month of December it is likely that house sale will close in late January or the middle of February. The seller now has an opportunity to look for a replacement house in January when fewer buyers are about and sellers are often motivated. It can be a win-win. Below is last year's comments on selling in the "season".

Originally posted, Friday, November 20th, 2016, by Rod Sager

Sellers often choose to forgo listing their home until after the holidays. It is understandable since most of us would like to take this time of year to spend with family and such. Having a home on the market can be most disruptive. But inventory remains tight, especially in the bottom half of the price range.

People that are out looking for homes during the holiday season are generally pretty darn serious buyers. Looky-loos and tire-kickers are doing the whole holiday thing. Having a home listed during the holidays can yield strong offers from serious buyers. Really, who is out in the rain and snow looking at houses when they could be inside hanging out with family and friends or at the company party? Real buyers, that's who!

I have offered up tips in the past about prepping a home for a holiday sale, you can look through the archives of Novembers and Decembers past to find useful information on the matter. In general, keep the clutter to a minimum, keep the leaves off the walkways, out of the rain gutters, and off the drive way. If it snows, be sure to keep snow and ice off the walkways and driveway.

Keep pet orders under control. Burn a scented candle with a holiday theme, bake some cookies, and if possible have a fire going during peak showing times. Some people are looking for a very specific house. If your house isn't it, then chances are no amount of warm and fuzzy presentation will sway them. But most buyers are less picky. If your house feels like home, they might just write it up!

I find buyers to be more focused and serious about their purchase during the holidays. Sellers are wise to keep that in mind when making the decision about whether to list now or wait till next year.

Happy holidays, may yours be warm and fuzzy all around.

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