Friday, December 1, 2017

Agents and Clients Need to be Ready For the Routine

Sounds like a , "No Duh" kind of thing, right? Well, I don't know, because it never ceases to amaze me how often routine delays are taken like apocalyptic symptoms of the inevitable end of the transaction in a fiery ball of doom. And sometimes the panic is coming from an agent.

Real estate deals have one thing in common 99% of time, they will have a delay or some mild drama before they are closed. The sun will rise and set at the end of day, and real estate transactions will have someone, somewhere, somehow, need more time for an integral part of the deal. So we know it's coming, we are told in advance it will, yet... EEEEK!! The appraisal is late! Of course it is, it's nearly always late. OH NO! The lender needs some additional documentation! Yes the lender usually does.

Don't get mad, don't get even, just relax. It's all good. Better agents will tell their clients about the potential problems in a transaction and this helps keep the lid on the classic "freak out" when there is a typical bump in the road to closing. It is always good advice to expect the best but prepare for the worst.

A few things that buyers and sellers can do to protect themselves from these potential issues.

  • Do not try to perfectly time the closing of your current home and the closing of the new one. That is a 75% fail rate. Get the buyer of your current home to offer you an optional rent back for at least a week after expected close date.
  • Buyer's currently renting; don't give up your rental for at least two weeks after you "expect" to close. This will cost you half a month's rent but it will give you a nice cushion for unexpected delays in closing and will give you time to move without the pressure of the "gotta get out today" syndrome.
  • Buyers getting a mortgage; when the loan officer asks for paperwork or other documents no matter how mundane, do it, do it right NOW!
  • Buyer's using a loan; Do not move big chunks of money around between accounts. Park your cash in the account you gave the lender and leave it there until you get the keys to the new house.
  • Buyer's getting a mortgage; do not borrow money or buy any big ticket items on credit and don't even apply for credit till you get your new house keys. Yes even when the clerk at Macy's says, "if you apply for a Macy's card you get 25% off this whole purchase..." Make like Nancy Reagan and just say NO!  

Most real estate transactions will have bumps along the way, don't panic, it's got a 95% chance of being fine. Sometimes deal crushing bad news comes and that is just the way the ball bounces in life; but most of the time it is gonna be OK, so relax, take a deep breath, because you will be closed in no time.

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