Friday, December 22, 2017

Last Chance for Tax Prep

Did you buy a house this year? Did you do a major refinance of you personal residence this year? If you did either you should meet with your tax guy before the end of the year. Home mortgage interest can play a significant role in you tax burden and you may have had a big enough change to itemize deductions where you previously did not. This means lots of things to deduct against you tax bill. It is already the 22nd of December and you better get crackin'

Once a taxpayer has reached the point where he or she can itemize deductions on the 1040 form, there are many legitimate deductible expenses that can be taken. It may even be worth while to make a few legitimate business purchases based on what you professional tax guy says.

The new tax law passed by the Congress earlier this week may change your ability to itemize deductions so this year could be the year you want to make deductible purchases. The new law will increase the standard deduction by roughly double. This means many people that are itemizing now, may not need to starting next year. Your tax guy can explain the details, but I suggest you find out before the end of the year.

Many homeowners benefit from itemizing deductions and if you own a home with a mortgage you should seek professional tax help to make sure you are not paying MORE than you fair share to Uncle Sam. Let's face it, the IRS is more like a crazy uncle when you think about it. Our elected representatives are not exactly spending YOUR money wisely, so keep as much as you can fairly under the law. Talk to a pro, you only got 4 business days left!

Happy Holidays to all!

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