Friday, September 7, 2018

Market Nearing Neutrality

Our market continues to see new inventory and this is softening the seller's advantage across a variety of price ranges. Even the median price range is offering a larger selection for buyers. Locally it is only the sub-median that remains a strong sellers market, but I am seeing some resistance to high prices even in that tight market.

Pressure in the Vancouver market is still largely external. Portland, OR is still a bit tighter on inventory and is seeing price pressure upwards albeit at a slower pace. Many would be Portland buyers are looking at Vancouver as a nearby alternative. Vancouver has a variety of neighborhood styles, many that resemble popular Portland neighborhoods.

Clark County also offers up a bit of suburbia as well as a bit of country living which is all but Absent in Multnomah County.

The external market forces are keeping Vancouver and Clark County on a modest pathway in median home price appreciation but things are relatively flat compared to the steep spike of a the last few years.

Many projections are flying about from the usual suspects about growth in pricing locally and many have revised things to a much more sustainable 3%-4% for the next year. Clark County continues to add new construction units in both the rental and sales inventory. Vancouver is adding thousands of units across the entire rental spectrum from luxury riverfront apartment properties at $5000 a month to more modest properties with income restrictions in the sub-$1000 range.

Some analysts are a bit concerned about the Millennial age group as that demographic seems more likely to prefer renting than owning and that is a new twist in America's age old "dream." This coupled with increasing inventory could soften the market even more for 2019 possibly throwing us into a full neutral sales condition in the first half of next year.

Business insider had a detailed article about Millennial home buying here. 

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