Friday, September 21, 2018

Prepping for Fall

Autumn is here! Officially it starts tomorrow but hey pretty close, right? Those wonderful deciduous trees are just aching to drop a heaping mound of leaves all over your yard, roof, car, and lawn. Although autumn can provide a warm backdrop for you property it is wise to make sure you keep the leaves off the walkways to avoid slipping by you or the people thinking about buying your house.

Autumn is truly magnificent but homeowners need to keep those leaves out of the gutters and off the walkways. Even if you are not selling your home the plugged gutters can lead to damage on the roof, siding, gutters, and even the foundation as the ambulatory nature of water can lead to moisture in places you may not expect.

For home buyers, the fall can be an opportunity to take advantage of sellers that failed to sell in the summer and are ready to look at offers that may be a little less than asking. For sellers bringing a new listing to market, there may be a few less buyers in play but their is generally a lot less listings relative to summertime.

As we approach the holidays, both buyers and sellers tend to be serious about making a deal. Otherwise why would they bother during the hustle and bustle of the holidays?

Local market trends still remain flat. New listings are outpacing new buyers but not at a rate that will quickly turn the market from sellers to buyers favor. In fact I'd say there is still a slight leaning in favor of sellers across most local segments. I like these neutral to near neutral markets. Everyone really has to put their best foot forward on both sides of the transaction and that tends to favor all parties.

Enjoy the very last day of summer and get ready to watch nature's living fireworks. Autumn is on deck.

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