Friday, January 25, 2019

Market Inventory Tightening Again

It seems like some of the market sectors are once again not producing listings. I have several buyers that are seeking homes and there just isn't much to show in the sub median area. I have noticed some condos coming online as well as a fair bit of higher end properties. January and February are typically not big months for new listings, but it feels a bit tight even for the season. I have been estimating a modest growth year for 2019 but if inventory decides to get thin again we could see another perky uptick in values.

 Some good news, the interest rates seem to have settled in a bit. Last year rates came out of the gate rising steady week after week, creeping up nearly a full point over the course of 2018. Now things seem to be a bit back and forth. The economy is still strong but not as robust as a couple years ago so a nicely healthy hum would be great for the next couple years. I'll keep you posted as inventory moves in to the early spring accumulation period.

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