Friday, January 11, 2019

Marketing homes passively on Social Media can be very effective.

Too many agents get up in the face of people on Social Media. Running ads through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram is great and those are ads, designed to get clicks or awareness. But what about a more personal approach like the news feed of you and your friends. That can be a bit more sensitive.

As Americans, we are blasted with advertising from every angle. Many people have grown numb to it and are harder to reach where as others are so fed up as to be triggered by ads which is equally problematic.

Talking about real estate from a non sales perspective can be a great way for agents to remind the world that they are in fact a real estate agent. But what about actual properties. Solid real estate professionals can reach larger and deeper audiences using passive methods on social media to reach people in a more human and casual way that doesn't trigger the edgy types and may even penetrate the numbness of those tone deaf to ads.

Passsive style is introducing actual Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (among others) followers to a property without pitching it for sale. Perhaps showing off its best attribute with a catchy post about how cool it is. Or asking "wouldn't you love this view?" Agents may find that their audience on personal social media accounts shrinks if they plaster their "friends" with pushy sales ads and posts clogging up the news feed. Posts that engage the community and foster responses will travel much further and touch many more people.

Listing a property for sale is all about getting that property exposed to as many people as possible. I have a great deal of expertise on this technique and potential sellers should question their prospective listing agents on tactics they intend to use to push past the overbearing ad climate on the internet. Internet activity remains by far the number one source of listings for buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors® it has surpassed 80%.

Passive marketing on personal feeds is time consuming for the agent but effective for the seller. Sellers are paying the real estate fees and they deserve the best marketing efforts by their chosen agent.

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