Friday, August 9, 2019

Interest Rates a bit Lower to start the Month

While I was away in the UK it seems that the mortgage rates decided to drop a bit. This is always welcome in the real estate business. After all it is challenging enough to buy a house, getting a bonus reduction in monthly payment is going help bring some buyers back to the game.

With rates still readily available in the 4's and some area and situations may even land a buyer into the upper threes on interest rates, this could be the time to start looking again for that dream house you got priced out of earlier this year.

While I was away in the UK I found that they have popularized a 25 year mortgage loan and the rates there are under 2%! Holy moly, that's a low rate. I wonder if the government is subsidizing that? Well anyhow, back here in the states, we are enjoying a booming economy and some pretty low rates as well.

With rents still pushing up higher than a comparable mortgage payment, why not fire the landlord and buy your own place?

Just to keep it all in perspective, mortgage rates dropped over the last two weeks by about a 1/4 point. That 1/4 point rate drop saves a typical borrower about 50 bucks a month for the next 30 years on a $300,000 mortgage! That's about $18,000 over the life of the loan. The cost to buy down a mortgage by a 1/4 percent is usually around 1 point although it is entirely market dependent. But that same $300,000 loan would cost about $3,000 up front to buy the rate down two weeks ago to what it is today.

Hello $300k buyers the world just gave you three grand :)

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