Friday, November 29, 2019

It's Black Friday!

Well if there was a real estate store the deals would be amazing right? There isn't a real estate store; well not in the traditional sense at least. But if there is a "Black Friday deal" in real estate it is probably going to be found between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Sellers keeping their home open to buyer tours during the holidays are quite likely VERY ready to make a deal. And buyers that are trudging around in the rain and snow are probably pretty serious about making an OFFER on the right house.

Buyers should not get too excited about a crazy deal because the real estate market is not as malleable as brick and mortar retail stores or the Cyber Monday craziness we'll see next week. Not at all, really. Buyers and sellers are both reasonably well informed these days and most are represented by a professional. But the idea that both the seller and buyer are almost certainly motivated to act is a big bonus to both parties.

The real problem is simply the fact that fewer houses are available during the holidays and fewer buyers are looking as well. The actual impact on pricing during this five week period is usually not noticeable. What is noticeable is that willingness to ACT from both parties. That means sellers should pay attention to offer opportunities and buyers should be willing to write them. December is the month for deals because December is a month where people are ready to take action.

So get ready real estate peeps, December is about to arrive.

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