Friday, April 17, 2020

Let's Keep Up the Good Work, Almost there...

COVID-19 is hopefully starting its backward slide and that means the Governor will be able to look closely at softening the stay home restrictions imposed until May 4th here in the Evergreen State.

Home buyers and home owners looking to sell will be happy to see at least a slight softening on the COVID-19 response and I think Governor Inslee may be feeling the same. I guess we will just have to see in the coming weeks.

I am not seeing a slide in prices or any kind of real estate adjustment and I still believe that is largely due to the fact that both the supply side and the demand side are slower so the overall market seems steady.

Locally as Realtors® we can still show homes but have to follow strict guidelines including limiting people in the house and using sanitation and distancing guidelines. i take that part very seriously and understand we must try and keep this thing from having a relapse.

Buyers can and should make an offer on any house they like as the seller will likely try to accommodate them. Everyone is a bit edgy about the future. People are thinking how long is this going on? will I keep my job? These types of thing and seller are worried about that too. Will this buyer still have a job when the loan is done?

Hopefully we can start getting a large chunk of the workforce back on the job and some of this can subside. We will likely have a quasi-normal at best summer as this thing will lurk in the background as we prepare for a possible resurgence in the fall.

Get ready the pent up demand for real estate might be unleashed tsunami style if things start to improve heading into May.

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