Friday, April 24, 2020

We are Still Doing Real Estate in Washington

Real Estate is still alive in Washington State. Governor Inslee has provided guidelines as well as a few mandates for the Real Estate industry. Seller may still list their homes for sale, Realtors® can still show them. We have some operational adjustments to ensure we do not spread the virus around and that's fair and good.

I have noticed that both buyers and sellers have slowed down of decided to wait out the pandemic. That may be fine and well but I believe that buyers and sellers should only do that if they want to do that and not because they think the Governor said they can't. Governor Inslee has provided a pathway for real estate to continue to operate under the pandemic control measures he has in place.

I have seen a roughly equal loss of buyers and sellers so the market conditions remain neutral and pricing is stable. This is a still a good time to buy or sell your home. Banks are still lending money and closings are still happening. I just closed a transaction for a seller that has greatly enhanced their retirement plans as they got an opportunity to get into a senior retirement place they have been waiting for. Don't let COVID-19 disrupt your retirement, moving or any real estate plans, we can still help people with all their real estate needs.

Stay healthy, follow that social distancing, and soon we will all be able to move towards a more normal lifestyle.

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