Friday, June 5, 2020

Mortgage Lending Seems to be Weathering the Storm

Mortgage rates have managed to stay low and in some cases dip a bit lower still. The combination of a pandemic and now civil unrest has not been too disruptive tot he local real estate market nor seemingly the lending aspect of real estate.

When rates dip low that reveals a wonderful opportunity for buyers to get a lower payment or to afford a larger or nicer home without paying more money for it. Generally low rates lead to an uptick in activity for buyers and thus a rising price condition. However, COVID-19 has managed to keep a lid on prices. The recent civil unrest may also help keep prices in check. For buyers this is good news a combination of low rates and stable pricing is always a good thing.

Buyers thinking about a home should get started now because rates will only remain low while investors are leery of equities. Furthermore as COVID-19 response restrictions are eased more buyers are likely to emerge and the market could potentially see a return to upward pricing.

Mortgage lenders seem to be handling the COVID-19 well in underwriting. The tendency in a downward job market is for lenders to become more tight with buyers. So far it seems only marginal. Other lending lines like credit cards and car loans are getting real stingy.

This is a strange set of conditions we see now so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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