Friday, July 17, 2020

Buyer's Should Consider a Light Fixer

Finance able fixer home sold last year
This real estate market is pretty robust, but buyers are still more interested in move-in ready properties. That leaves fixers as a value proposition especially in the entry level price range under the county-wide median price.

Not all fixers are problems. Buyers using a conventional style loan can by a cosmetically rough house for tens of thousands less than the future market value when fixed up. A little do it yourself action can go a long ways.

FHA and VA buyers are in a little tougher spot when looking at fixers. These are government backed loans and as such the property is scrutinized by the lender a bit more. That doesn't mean a light cosmetic fixer won't fly, it very well may be fine. I have helped buyers on a budget using VA and FHA loans to get into a light to medium fixer. Choosing an experienced local agent that understands the nuances of the various loan programs can go a long way towards getting a home under market that needs a little TLC.

The combination of a cosmetic discount and the ridiculously low rates for a mortgage right now, could lead a savvy buyer to a huge equity gain in the short term. Buyers seeking that perfect move in house may have to fight off some competitors but with loan rates dipping into the 2's for well qualified borrowers, now is definitely a good time to buy a house.

Sellers with a home to sell that is tidy and ready for the market, you are in the proverbial 'catbird seat' with swarms of eager buyers waiting to snatch up you home.

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