Friday, July 31, 2020

Home Owners not Selling, Buyers want to Buy!

This whole COVID 19 debacle has left the real estate market surprisingly hot. It's not that there are lots of sales, because there isn't. It is simply that the typical number of summertime sellers didn't materialize this year. Many homeowners are not selling right now whether due to Corona fear or something else altogether.

Meanwhile the downturn in jobs we see as a result of the COVID pandemic has slowed the demand a little, but the supply took a bigger hit. Last summer things were cooling off leaning towards a neutral market. This summer sellers are once again in the driver's seat in top down price ranges from 150% of median to the sub-median market.

This tight resale inventory has the local builders in solid spot as many would be resale buyers are looking at new construction to meet the demand. The local builders have their own issues related to COVID and other market forces like a supply of sub contractors and potential work shut downs every time the case load pops up and the Governor gets the itch.

What a strange and wild year 2020 has been. But at least the local real estate market can benefit from a very respectable demand against a tight supply. The mortgage rates are are helping the fuel the demand as well with buyers seeing rates the likes of which have never been seen before. 

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