Friday, December 3, 2021

December is Here and so are some Buyers

I have always said that December tends to be a little slower for buyers but the buyers that are around this time of year are SERIOUS! I recently met a new client through our companies relocation services. He has accepted a new position at a large local employer and is moving all the way from Florida. He has been very serious about this home purchase from day one. He isn't wasting anybody's time and certainly not his own. 

December is many things, the holidays, start of winter and miserable weather, end of year stuff, like getting taxes shored up, all that stuff. This is not a time that we typically see lollygagging tire kickers. People out in the hunt this time of year need to buy a house and right now!

Of course I have said much the same about sellers during the holidays. Who wants a bunch of strangers trampling through their house at Christmas-time? No one but sellers that have to sell to take a job elsewhere, or are in contract elsewhere need to sell. They are likely to look at a contingent offer or perhaps an offer slightly under asking if they are priced a little high.

I like the holidays for real estate. People tend to be more serious and focused on the tasks needed to complete real estate transaction. It can be a good time for both buyers and sellers and there is less competition because many people will postpone their listing or buying activities until after the New Year.

Seller's I can't say this enough, keep your drive way and/or walkway to the front door clean and clear of leaves, debris, and snow. Give that buyer every reason to feel good about the house before they open the front door. And buyers likewise, think of the house that doesn't keep things clean and clear as an opportunity for a sharper price, because some buyers may walk past it if curb appeal is low. Especially during the holidays when everyone is tight on time and often not in the mood for any adventures.

Happy Holidays and let's get all these homes sold shall we?

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