Friday, June 24, 2022

Economic Conditions are Reducing Seller Expectations

Our current condition of uncertainty in the economy is seemingly making sellers a bit less confident in pricing and marketing time. Buyers have been in short supply for quite a few months but low inventory levels made the market seem more robust than it was. As more and more sellers sense the top of the market more listings are pouring into the system. It will take a fair while for inventory levels to return to a more "normal" level of 3-5 months supply, but in the mean time, buyers may feel some of that market pressure ease a bit as we move through the summer months. Hopefully the Fed will let the latest rate hikes percolate in the economy for at least 3-6 months before pulling the panic lever and raising them more.

I suspect we will have a decent summer of sales and as the autumn approaches later this year, we may see a genuine softening in prices as inventory levels likely continue to rise. I am finding more and more of my clients are calling me for listing appointments. If that admittedly anecdotal evidence is is true across the board and several of my colleagues are feeling it too, then market neutrality is nearby.

Keep in mind that historically a deathly real estate Markey is a neutral market and in our Clark County market, 700-800 monthly home sales is solid business we are well above that right now.

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