Friday, July 1, 2022

Market Softening is Healthy

I can't say enough about how a slightly softer market is healthy. The last two years have been so heavily weighted towards sellers that buyers often just left the market in frustration. Now as inventory builds back and buyers can actually make a fair offer with a reasonable expectation of acceptance the market should have a nice soft landing. If the fed can keep rates below the historical 6.5% average, the market should stay relatively flat as demand continues for real estate in Clark County, WA.

The reality is that this inflation could be eased a little by reopening the Keystone pipeline and easing restrictions on North American petroleum. That does not mean we stop using or investing in clean renewables, but it would soften the impact of high transportation costs which are at least 30% if not closer to half of the inflation problem. That and a little bit of care from the Fed and we can have a nice comfortable neutral real estate market with opportunity for the largest possible segment of population.

Here's to the second half of 2022 may we glide gently into neutrality for 2023.

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