Friday, November 24, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Well it's Black Friday today and that means all the stores will be extra crowded today, oh goodie ;) I do hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Those of you thinking about buying or selling from this point forward to the end of the year, remember that it can actually be a good time to be either a buyer or seller in  during the holidays. I know, I know, I harp on this every year. But look-loo buyers tend to go away during the holidays, people have too much going on to waste time poking around at houses they are not going to buy. So seller's can capitalize on a smaller group of serious buyers. Meanwhile fewer sellers are in the market because let's face it, it's already a pain in the backside to have your home on the market and during the holidays that pain is much worse. Many sellers choose to wait till after the holidays to list their home or they pull it off the market until January.

All the rules still apply, keep the driveway and front walk free of slippery leaves or snow and ice. Salt the walkway on cold days and keep the rain gutters clear. Minimize clutter and don't make it difficult for buyers to show the home. Buyers you can take advantage of the fact that sellers during this time period tend to be a bit more motivated.

All in all our local market still favors sellers but only modestly so, sellers cannot count on multiple offers any longer so if you write something reasonable on a listed home, there is a solid chance you will get the home. 

Happy Holidays!

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