Friday, December 1, 2023

Interest Rates Improve

The last couple weeks has seen a nice measurable improvement in rates. Hopefully this will stabilize and allow home buyers that extra bit of breathing room. I doubt rate will improve a whole lot more but maybe the Fed will settle down a bit and just let these current rates percolate a bit before jumping to any conclusions about inflation.

Right now excellent borrowers are seeing rates in the range if 7.25% to 7.75% and borrowers with some financial and credit challenges are getting approved in the 7.75%-8.25% range. Although this seems high relative to recent rates just a couple years ago, this is only a little higher than the 50 year average. It would be nice to see some more relief maybe getting the "A" borrowers back under 7% but I am not holding my breath. This upcoming year is an election year so the politicians in power right now will want to hang on to that power so they may pass legislation or use other political maneuvering to try and ease the "pain" so as to stay in power. Perhaps the Fed will hold tight for now.

Prices on homes continue to be flat and stable. The median price in most local sub markets remains about what it was a year ago maybe a tad less or a tad more depending on the specific area.   

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