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Is Urban Living Returning to America?

originally posted in The Couv Life 7/17/2023 by Rod Sager

Decades ago the post war boom started and a new type of neighborhood emerged with cute culdesacs and curvy streets. Homes were built with oversize lots and everything was centered around the automobile. American's ate it up and millions of these houses in suburbia were built and are still being built today. In the 1980s and 90s America's Downtown areas were in rough shape. The age of the suburban shopping mall and highway bypasses left many cities with an urban core in serious decline. The once happy Downtown excitement became a dismal study in urban decay. It was sad really, as some of our nation's most spectacular architecture was on display in the old city center in nearly every town.

But these days I am seeing a massive resurgence in Downtown Living. Not just here in America's Vancouver but all across the fruited plains of our nation. I saw it in Lafayette, IN and Covington, KY. I am seeing it in many places as people are now flocking to the hustle and bustle of the city, even in smaller cities and towns.

Vancouver USA is all over this trend. Not just Downtown and the Waterfront, but the new Palisades development on 192nd and the New Heights District that is under design right now. It seems a new generation of Americans may be longing for that old world city life and communities across the land are building it from high-rises to more modest mid-rise buildings. A new era of urban living is spreading like wildfire. Dense urban development tends to foster a community bond as people walk around the neighborhood, shopping and dining while on foot rather than driving. There can be no doubt this is a big deal to a large group of Americans as Vancouver can't get enough of these modern mid-rise and high-rise residential projects. Vacancy in the city center locally is in the low single digits. 

So it seems, America is returning to the old urban living model and Vancouver USA is all over the scene. To follow Vancouver's urban living check out Urban Living in the Couv here.

Ah the Couv life; it is good.

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