Friday, April 12, 2024

The market is humming a healthy tune

The numbers were published for last month by the MLS and data shows Clark County, WA was rather healthy. 750 new listings were posted against 610 new pending sales. A total of 1073 units were active and 497 units closed. The inventory remains stable at 2.2 months which still favors sellers. The MLS reported the median home price for new listings in March at $560,000 with the median sold price at $525,000. Despite the advantage to sellers, the median price has remained steady. Buyers are rather limited as rates and incomes are not lining up as nicely as they did a few years ago. 

Most of the activity is in the median price range about plus or minus 10% of the median. This means the sellers looking to part ways with homes between $450-$600k are in really good shape. There are plenty of buyers looking to get a home in this range. Most of the sellers in this range however are selling due to a career change to a new area or older folks retiring to warmer locales, people passing, etc.

The higher price ranges are definitely struggling a bit since that move up market is stifled a bit. There are many homeowners sitting on those 3% loans in their three bedroom two bath house that would love to make the move up to something bigger or nicer, but the new loan will be at 7% and they just can't swing that new payment.

There are ways to make it happen, especially for those with large equity positions. Potential sellers should not presume they can move up. Check to see where your equity position is, what you need to borrow to make that next move up. Maybe you can, maybe you can't, but it is worth a shot.

We do not know if we will see higher or lower prices next year. But if there is a correction, then that can chew up your equity position. Sometimes it is best to stay put, sometimes there is an opportunity to move up. It is wise to avoid assumptions.

Overall the numbers from last month reflect a healthy market that should be sustainable over the long haul.

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