Friday, December 6, 2013

Chilly Weather Means Prep for Vacant Listings

We have some legitimate cold weather arriving this weekend that may include temps down into the single digits. Homeowners that have vacant property whether it is for sale or not need to be prepared for this outbreak of cold. If the home has the furnace and or power off then a full winterization by a professional is a good idea. If the power and heat are on then do it yourself is pretty simple. Wrapping exterior pipes, water supply to house off and faucets open, etc. The Seattle Times has some tips for do it yourself winter prep on a vacant house.

I have a very vivid memory of showing a very expensive home in Camas, Washington in December of 2009, the last time I had a temperature below 10 degrees. This gorgeous home had water flowing out of the walls and onto the walkway at the front door which had become an impassable ice skating rink. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage was done and for a couple of hundred bucks in prep would have been avoided. Needless to say my client did not buy that house.

When selling a vacant house this time of year, be sure to do a little winter prep in the front yard to maintain good curb appeal and safety. These are good tips for occupied homes as well. Keep the snow cleared on the walkways and if needed throw some salt down to keep the ice at bay.

If you are out and about hunting for your next house please use caution out there. It is not likely that the temperature will rise above freezing over the next several days. The air is dry so it may feel warmer than it is. around any corner could be an icy spot. Caution is advised.

Bundle up and enjoy the winter wonderland.

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